20 books similar to Fallen

Books similar to Fallen

Fallen, Lauren Kate

When we read a book like Fallen and we like it a lot, the most natural thing is to look for a similar book to read. I have gathered here a list with twenty books similar to Fallen for you to have fun. I hope you enjoy these authors looking like Lauren Kate

1 – The Passionate Count

Karine Vidal

Synopsis of The Passionate Count: A modern monarchy. A playboy Count: rich and wicked. A forbidden love. Hidden from human eyes, there was a secret species. Beings with secular gifts, sorcerers of the modern world. This witch dynasty was commanded by the Count Heir: Nero Monferrato. A wicked, beautiful and cruel playboy.

Elisa is a young witch girl from Brazil. She needs to go to the wizarding university in Europe to study. At Constantin Academy, only the richest, most beautiful, and most oligarchic wizards entered. With great savings, Elisa's parents manage to send her to such a European school.

It turns out that the Count Heir, Nero, also studies there. He is a diabolical veteran who runs the university with an iron fist. A legendary dictator, and a wicked rake. Due to fate, Nero discovers that his betrothed is at the Academy. And she is none other than Elisa herself. Against all odds, O Conde Hedeiro falls head over heels in love with the simple girl.

So Nero wages a relentless battle to win her heart. There's only one problem: Elisa hates him. But Nero does not intend to give up on conquering it. A secret university, just for filthy rich playboys. Witchcraft, fantasy, intrigue and mystery. A Count hopelessly in love. A forbidden love. A secret underworld of evil young men. Uncover the mysterious world of modern wizards, and filthy rich in The Count in Love. (By the same author of the best-selling SCHOOL OF THE DEAD).

2 – The Sheikh of My Dreams

Nora Voux

Synopsis The Sheikh Of My Dreams: Maly Albuja was betrothed to Faruk Yussef when she was just nine years old. And ever since, he's been nurturing the dream of marrying the most sought-after Sheikh in Dubai. Too bad he doesn't have the same feeling for his fiancée, and he's enraged just remembering that he needs to consummate an arranged marriage.

In an act of courage, Mal decides to travel to Chicago, to try to get closer to her fiancé, as she can't find ways to penetrate the battalion of security guards who accompany him, she receives unusual help and pretends to be a luxury escort in order to get expensive the face with the great love of your life.

This tale emerged from the book A Grande Virada. Faruk and Mal are minor characters, who stood out so much that I was forced to write their story. For a better understanding of the story, I suggest you read the Duologia A Grande Virada, however, it won't interfere in anything if you don't want to read it.

3 -The Heiress (The Heiress Saga Book 1)

Kiera cass

Synopsis of The Heiress: Raised in a small neighborhood called Forecast, Kate West was never quite a normal girl. Determined, with secrets and an absurd fear of falling in love, she managed to live well with only passing relationships, which she calls RA, but her life is about to change when her grandmother, already dead for fourteen years, sends her a message. “Your inheritance will arrive. Accept the change when 21 springs complete”.

Curious, Kate will try to find out what she needs to accept, but an inheritance is not always what you think. Amid the routine of college, the arrival of a new student and the mysterious blue-eyed man who always saves her in her nightmares, Kate will have to deal with the dangers that will come along the way. Discovering your heritage will not be an option.

4 – Duke's Captive (Paths of Love Book 2)

Leticia Ferreira

Synopsis of Duke's Captive: IT IS NOT A HISTORICAL CLASSIC. The story of Luke, a man who carries the fame of a womanizer, a cad and Natalia, the sweet nanny of his two-year-old daughter…. The Duke of Cornwall Ryan Luke Crawford the Third is a playboy. He always lived off the money his father left him. The castle he lives in belongs to the government. It has been listed as a heritage site. Luke manages it with an iron hand.

But he has a problem. He's broke. The money he squandered so much to keep his image in the cream of society is running out and if the reputation spreads that he is bankrupt, he will lose the right to look after the property that belonged to his family for centuries. Besides, he has his position to watch over, which is why it is so important that he enter politics. Luke is an intelligent man who has all the prerequisites for the chair in Lower Chamber. Charisma and speech are not lacking.

However, his reputation as a womanizer is hurting him in the campaign. Even the future of his two-year-old daughter Catarina will be threatened. Here comes Kate Monroy, the Duke's public relations officer. She devises a plan for him to win the elections and improve his image: a fake girlfriend. There's just one problem, the stallion has his eye on his two-year-old daughter's nanny. Natalia Noam, the girl who walks around with austere clothes, but who only makes him more intrigued and attracted. He's dying to meet the girl under them.

5 – Wanting: A Story of Love and War (Predators of the Night Trilogy Book 2)

Widjane Albuquerque

Wanting Synopsis: Bowen Sinclair is the mighty king of the Lycan Clan. During the centuries of his existence, he had lived with the certainty that finding his mate would be the best luck he could have. In his formative years, the teachings told him that he would reach the height of his power when he finally found his predestined female.

But after centuries of searching and yearning, he lost faith in finding it, turning to his other passion – war – to continue with a purpose. Thus, he led the brutal Lycan army in battles that over time set the course of things. His name came to be whispered with awe and respect. Any creature of the race lowered its head so as not to stare into his wild eyes. He was known as the Bloodthirsty King, and no one would have the courage to stand in his way.

Until she arrived. When Bowen least expected it, he finally found his mate. But what he never imagined was that his wait would last over a thousand years and that his happiness would be destroyed as quickly as a heartbeat. Now, with the biggest war of all about to break out, the only thing Bowen wants is a second chance, but he knows that fate is sometimes too cruel.

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6 – Intended for Lord Peter: spin off 3,5 (Heirs of Magic)

Jessica Macedo

Synopsis for Intended for Lord Peter: FALLEN proves the strength of the new trend. With a plot that revolves around the love between an angel and a teenager, Lauren Kate's book was released in early December 2009 and reached the NY Times list at the end of the same month.

Since then, it has been a constant presence in the prestigious table. And, in tow, he had the movie rights purchased. The anticipation for the feature is such that several fans of the story have posted their own versions of the trailer — and the ideal cast — on YouTube. Lauren bets on the impossible love between the protagonists to weave the beginning of a saga with all the ingredients of a cult of the genre.

In FALLEN, we follow teenager Luce, who is sent to reform school—appropriately named Sword & Cross—after her boyfriend's death in a mysterious fire. She suspects that strange black shadows, which have haunted her since childhood, are really responsible. But who would believe her? At school, she meets the ethereally beautiful Daniel Grigori, who awakens a strange sense of recognition: the only bright spot in a place where cell phones are prohibited and surveillance cameras are everywhere.

But so much light hypnotizes the girl, attracted to the boy like a moth to a flame. He tries to stay away from Luce, but he can't. And the truth promises to separate them like so many times before—with Luce's death. Lovers destined to meet and lose life after life, century after century. Exciting, dark and romantic FALLEN is both a powerful thriller and an unforgettable love story.

7 – FEELING: A story of love and blood (Predators of the Night Trilogy Book Book 1)

Widjane Albuquerque

FEELING Synopsis: D'ynamos of Olympia, that is the name given to it. A supernatural force that has lived on Earth for thousands of years. Thirsty for revenge and blood, he made the destruction of humanity his goal of life…or eternity.

Dom Olimpiakus, as he is known, would from time to time come up with wars and tragedies, manipulating the gullible with his irresistible and predatory beauty. Anne Richards never dreamed that her old boyfriend would set a death trap for her. Captured, she knows she has no chance of escaping. However, something unexpected revealed itself before her, and her yearnings, perhaps, could be fulfilled… if she survived.

When centuries of a lonely, cold existence weighed on Dom Olimpiakus's back, the unthinkable happened. The woman destined to be his was the race he hated most. This is the story of a cold, ruthless man whose only yearning is to take back whatever was stolen from him. And a woman marked by eternity.

8 - THE AWAKENING (Os Lobos de Ester Series - Book 2)

Janice Ghisleri

Synopsis of The Awakening: Erick, the beta of the Wolf Pack, was the alpha's mediator and right-hand man. Beautiful and good-natured, he always kept everyone united and peaceful, even when he himself almost lost his sanity while he was trapped in the labs. He believed that if he asked the ancient gods, he would be freed and presented with his soul mate, as the legend prophesied.

So he was released and one day she showed up. Meanwhile, Kira was a sweet and lonely young woman who lived recluse in her world, trying to survive with her art and her blindness. She had a secret that could make Erick, the pack's darling, no longer so welcome among her own. And worse, that in addition to being banned, they could be hunted and killed by wolves.

Neither was what they imagined, and when secrets are discovered, they bring out the truth about their ancestors. To protect his mate, Erick would show that it would be anything but peaceful.

9 – What touches the heart

Silvia Spadoni

Synopsis of What Touches the Heart: All Sebastian Whrigt, Earl of Nottinghan, wants is to bring into his young sister's life a little joy and interest in her season at Court. For this he is even willing to put up with the whims of a petulant piano teacher.

Flora needs work. With a harsh winter ahead, she won't be able to make it through months with little coal and insufficient firewood. The association with sweet Emma would make up for the arrogance and pride of Lord Sebastian, symbol of everything she most despises in the nobility.

What both did not expect is the inexplicable attraction that arises when coexistence intensifies and explodes in an unforeseen situation. But the aristocracy has its demands, and marriage to an unborn girl is not among an earl's plans.

On the other hand, Flora would never allow herself to live as a lover after the example she had from her parents. Is it possible for nobility of character to be valued more than nobility of blood? Can the beauty of the soul captivate more than physical appearance?

10 – Captive of the Sheik (Paths of Love Book 1)

Martina Maressa

Sheikh's Captive Synopsis: This book is not just the story of a Sheikh who is attracted to a girl and does everything he can to get her. It is the story of a man in love, of a man who is willing to win the heart of the woman he loves. I invite you to this pleasant reading, the excitement is guaranteed! Isabela Saladino is fluent in the Arab-Emirate language, works as an interpreter for Sheikh Yossef. She falls in love with Zein. Youngest son of the Sheik.

Their brief involvement results in a pregnancy. Zein dies. She goes to her lover's funeral in the Emirates, but suddenly finds herself imprisoned in the palace. Then she discovers the plan devised by the Sheikh. As soon as she gives birth to her child, he will avail himself of the laws of his country, which give the parents' families the right in the child's upbringing, to keep their child.

She plans to flee, but that becomes impossible when Raed, the Sheik's eldest son, takes her passport. So he makes her a proposal: that she marry him. This book is not a cliché, just reading to understand. This book is a series, but you can read it separately. (Paths of the heart) 1-Captive of the Sheik 2- Captive of the Duke.

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11 – The Beauty of Darkness (English)

Mary E. Pearson

Synopsis of The Beauty of Darkness: The Chronicles of Love and Hate trilogy comes to a devastating end. Lia's story has inspired many readers to embark on an extraordinary journey filled with action, romance, mysteries and self-discovery, into a dazzling universe created by award-winning author Mary E. Pearson, where female power is the driving force capable of changing and making everything the difference in the new world under construction.

Lia survived the Venda, but she wasn't the only one. A great evil intends to destroy the kingdom of Morrighan, and only she can stop it. With war on the horizon, Lia has no choice but to assume her role as First Daughter, as a true warrior—and leader. As she struggles to get to Morrighan in time to save her people, she must take care of her heart and her conflicted feelings towards Rafe and the suspicions against Kaden that have haunted her.

In this breathtaking conclusion, traitors must be annihilated, sacrifices must be made, and conflicts that seemed insoluble will have to be overcome while the future of all kingdoms hangs in the balance and in the hands of this determined and unique woman.

12 – Cidade dos Etéreos – Book 2, The Miss's Orphanage Series. Peregrine for Peculiar Children

Ransom Riggs

City of the Ethereal Synopsis: City of the Ethereals follows on from the celebrated Miss Orphanage. Pilgrimage for quirky children, in which young Jacob Portman, to discover the truth about his grandfather's death, follows clues that lead him to an old children's home on a Welsh island. The orphanage houses children with supernatural gifts, protected thanks to the powerful magic of the headmistress, Ms. Pilgrim.

In this second book, the group of peculiar must stop an army of terrible monsters, and Ms. Peregrine, the only person who can help them, is trapped in a bird's body. Jacob and his new friends depart for London, a city where the peculiar gather. They are hoping to find a cure for their beloved there. Peregrine, but in the war-torn city, menacing surprises lurk around every corner.

And in addition to taking the kids to safety, Jacob will have to make an important decision about his love for Emma, ​​one of the peculiar ones. Telekinesis and time travel, gypsies and circus attractions, evil invisible creatures and a parade of unusual animals, plus an unprecedented collection of period photographs — all combine to make City of the Ethereal a moving fantasy story, an experience unique and impactful reading.

Directed by Tim Burton, the film inspired by the first volume of the series is scheduled to premiere in the United States in December 2016. The first volume of the series has sold millions of copies worldwide, was translated into 40 languages ​​and was listed for 2 years in New York Times best sellers. “Tensed, emotional and wonderfully strange (…) an unforgettable story.” John Green, author of The Blame It's the Stars, on Miss Orphanage. Pilgrimage for quirky children

13 – City of Bones – The Mortal Instruments – Vol. 1

Cassandra clare

City of Bones Synopsis: A hidden world is about to be revealed… When Clary decides to go to New York to have fun at a disco, she could never imagine that she would witness a murder – much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered in enigmatic tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons.

Clary knows she should call the police, but it's hard to explain a murder when the body disappears and the killers are invisible to everyone but her. Both surprised and frightened, Clary accepts to hear what the young men have to say… A secret tribe of warriors dedicated to freeing the land of demons, the Shadowhunters have a mission in our world, and Clary may already be more involved in the history of the that you would like.

14 – Mechanical Angel – Infernal Parts – Vol. 1

Cassandra clare

Mechanical Angel Synopsis: With 10 million copies sold worldwide — 6 million in the United States and 80 thousand in Brazil alone — Cassandra Clare is more than a publishing phenomenon. It turned to fever! The Mortal Instruments series, an urban fantasy set in present-day New York and involving the myth of the nephilim, was so successful that it hits movie screens in August 2013. In a Sony co-production with direction by Scott Charles Stewart. Same as the cult Sin City.

Fans of the trilogy are so crazy, they got a prequel as a gift. And yes! the first volume also topped the New York Times list, like all of Cassandra's other books. Mechanical Angel, inaugural volume of The Infernal Pieces, tells how the ancestors of the protagonists of Mortal Instruments met. And how there are many more mysteries among them than you think.

15 – WHEN THE WOLVES CRY (The Wolves of Ester Series – Book 3)

Janice Ghisleri

Synopsis of When Wolves Cry: Two wolf friends hide a secret, one that breaks their souls. Jessy, the alpha's sister, is so beautiful that everyone wants to sigh at the sight of her. Mother of the little human, Lili, who is her life, struggles hard with the deep scars that years of captivity and rape left behind.

Even though she meets her soul mate, Sasha, the mercenary who helped to free them from the labs, she has a hard time overcoming her trauma and accepting it. Kirian, a strong and fierce wolf, adorned with his kilt, harbors a lot of anger and trauma in his heart. Anger for what they've done to him and his family, for having found his lifemate, Annelise, but who belongs to another man, anger and remorse for the secrets he keeps.

Loneliness consumes him and uses his food trauma to distract himself, as does sword and dagger fights. Now, both Kirian and Jessy have reached the point where they need to free themselves from their nightmares and their past and fight for their comrades, even if for that they need to relive their hell and reveal their secrets.

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16 – God of Dreams

Mila Wander, Josy Stoque

Synopsis of God of Dreams: Tourmalina has a quiet life in a small mountain town, living in a trailer in the forest and living off the sale of esoteric products. In addition to her holistic philosophy and her spiritual rites, Lina, as she likes to be called, has a secret that makes her popular. She is sought after by many people who want to know more about her future.

What they don't realize is that the naturist receives a dream visit, every night, from a winged man who, in the midst of orgasms, tells her everything she needs to know about his clientele. One day, a man very much like her secret angel appears in her life by chance, with a huge tattoo of wings stamped on her back.

Tourmalina, who believes in a kindred spirit, sees its happy ending right before his eyes. Only, along with the arrival of the man of her dreams, Lina receives news that shakes her perfect world. “God of Dreams” is the second fairy tale by friends Mila and Josy, who also wrote together the novels “Eu Never” and “Protect-me”, both Amazon bestsellers.

17 – City of Vampires (Redemption Book 1)

Elaise G. Lima

Synopsis of City of Vampires: Have you ever wondered where vampires came from? If they actually existed? Stella didn't believe in any of this, for her vampires only existed in fiction.

Until one day she came across one. And against her will, she was taken to the City of Vampires, where she discovered that many things we don't believe in are really real. Things we don't normally see, until one day they reveal themselves to us.

18 – THE HEIR (Series Os Lobos de Ester – Book 1)

Janice Ghisleri

Synopsis of The Heiress: They were ancient, mythical and powerful, but they were captured and treated like guinea pigs. With the help of a scientist they were freed, and now they are fighting to rescue the last wolves and start a new life. Noah was the alpha.

Though beautiful and fierce, he bore deep scars in his heart. So being around Esther was the last thing he could face, but his beta, Erick, thought otherwise. Everything was going well for Esther. She had a new home, plus a veterinary clinic, and a secret admirer who sent her flowers and gifts until she answered a call to help an injured animal.

And so, Esther entered a parallel world, where there were men tall, strong, sensual and with exotic eyes that she had never seen in her life. After the shock of discovering the truth about her father, Esther learned she wasn't a normal heiress when the contents of her will was revealed.

One of them was a mate, and that would have a huge impact on his life. However, you have no idea what will happen when they discover their true identity. Embark on this adventure and discover the mystery that united the heiress and the wolves.

19 – Hostage of the Night

hostage of the night

Night Hostage Synopsis: Laura knows exactly what her future is: taking over the family's grocery store while her sister goes to school in the capital, marrying her teenage boyfriend, having at least two children and growing old there. It doesn't matter if what she really wants is to see the world and be an illustrator.

But all his plans fall apart when his father becomes involved with a mysterious group. To save his and his family's lives, Laura agrees to be a guest – hostage – at Alexandre's house, a man with a scarred face who seems to exude violence.

There, she discovers a new reality: magic is real. Sorcerers, shapeshifters, fey… They had all lived with her their entire lives, without her noticing. And now they want your death. Humanity cannot know about the existence of magical beings. The fact that Laura is still alive is practically a miracle, and responsible for it is the same Alexander she fears.

But as she sees herself more and more a part of this new world, Laura realizes that Alexandre is not exactly what she imagined, and finds herself faced with a new concern. Your fear now is not getting involved with Alexander, who is clearly not human. It's exchanging the life you never wanted for a life as a prisoner.

20 – The Legend of Ruff Ghanor: The Goat Boy

Leonel Caldela

Synopsis of The Legend of Ruff Ghanor: In the confines of a land ruled by the dragon Zamir, stands a monastery. A wild boy, endowed with mysterious powers, is found by the monks. His name is Ruff Ghanor. Trained at an early age by the strict prior, Ruff sets out to defeat the tyrant. Ruff faces Zamir's forces and must lead his people into combat. However, before defeating the dragon, he will discover secrets about himself and his world.

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