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What is the Pousada Nerd?

The Pousada Nerd emerges as a collaborative blog of technology, music, anime, games, movies, books, reflections, and subjects of the Nerd Universe that is often quite broad. Initially Pousada Nerd is a one-man army, but the idea is to be a collaborative platform where several people can publish and let their ideas rest.

As the idea is to be a collaborative site, all content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You can reuse, modify and monetize all content as long as the source is cited with a link to the post and the name of the author.

In 2019 a friend and I started a literature blog called Protótipo Literário, it was a fun journey full of learning, but I feel that the niche was too closed for my tastes that are so broad. Here I will be able to talk about many more things besides books, but I may talk about them sometimes too.

Who is Marcos?

Marcos is a nerd who likes to talk about himself in the third person sometimes just to cause astonishment in those who live with him. Marcos’ favorite pastimes have always involved games, anime, and technology. She currently works in a public library.

Marcos at the Centenário Municipal Library in Poços de Caldas
Marcos at the Centenário Municipal Library in Poços de Caldas

With a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology from the Federal University of Alfenas and a postgraduate degree in Strategic Digital Marketing, he spends most of his free time studying Front-End Development, SEO (techniques to improve page rankings in search engines), watching school romance anime, playing League of Legends and writing.

Find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Who is Ana Luiza?

For a long time I traveled between magical worlds and realities without telling anyone, now I write about them! My name is Ana Luiza and I am passionate about love stories. Sometimes the dose of courage we need is a friend!

Ana Luiza
Ana Luiza, passionate about life

Ana Luiza is a student of Computational Physics at the University of São Paulo, a Technician in Informatics at the Federal Institute of Southern Minas Gerais and a lover of books and romantic stories.

If you want to know a little more about her check out her Facebook and Instagram.

Who is Julio?

Fascinated by fantasy, adventure and investigation books, but always ready to try new things, I think a book is a script for a movie that will take place in our mind, in which we will be directors, actors and producers.

Julio, a nerd quite different from what you've seen before
Julio, a nerd quite different from what you’ve seen before

Júlio is mainly responsible for the diversity of the blog’s texts. I always ask myself,“how did he think of that?” and I admit it’s a pretty good feeling.

Like me, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology from the Federal University of Alfenas. Julio spends much of his time wandering through the fantasy worlds of movies, anime, manga and comics, as well as teaching at a community college in his church.

If you want to know a little more about him just go to Facebook or Instagram.

Collaborative blogging?

I believe that having multiple voices speaking on diverse topics can add a lot of value. Each person usually understands more about certain subjects and this plurality will be the basis on which the Pousada Nerd will be built.

Initially I will write about some topics that populate my mind and that I believe are interesting to structure the blog and define its target audience, and then open for the publication of texts from other blogs (the so-called guest posts) thus creating an environment of interaction.

I hope you enjoy the content and if you want to know more about the project, share some text or spread something, please contact us at [email protected] or fill out the form below.

Marcos Mariano

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