Chain Game MosaicFantasty app starts a new Gamefi Track trend

Game play to earn to play directly on your mobile

The concept of “PlaytoEarn” in 2021 opened up a new perspective of gamefi decentralization and incentive upgrade. With the advent of the cryptocurrency bear market, the daily activities of many blockchain games begin to decline, short-cycle gamefi is rapidly receding. The restructuring of the main Web3 game projects is coming.

Chain Game MosaicFantasty app starts a new Gamefi Track trend
Chain Game MosaicFantasty app starts a new Gamefi Track trend
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As it's time to dive into our creation, MosaicFantasy is an APP game that strives to break the cycle with efforts to attract low-cost Web2 users. It combines the rich gameplay with the model P2E to attract more users to the Web3 world.

Introduction to MosaicFantasy game

MosaicFantasy is a light strategy card game decentralized level 3A, technical underlay supports cross-chain and is compatible with zk-snarks.

The APP is embedded with a wallet interface with access to the Google Play and App Store to achieve the transition of players from Web2 to Web3. It combines the rich gameplay of traditional games with the economic model of P2E. Players can play PVE\PVP in the first phase of the game, and a melee battleground, sprite system, strong social and domestic system will also be available in the second phase.

With great gameplay, MosaicFantasy brings a whole new experience

The mosaic in the game has 5 main attributes, namely Ocean, Flame, Hurricane, Dawn and Dark. Five different attributes will constrain each other. The combination of different attributes and hero form increase the fun of the game and test the player's strategic usage.

PVP competition

The arena will match two players of similar strength, and other players can guess the winners. Players combine their lineups by restricting character attributes to maximize damage. Players earn points by winning challenges and guessing.

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PVE challenge mode

Challenge BOSS to get the reward. The higher the character's level, the more monsters you can challenge. We currently have PVE stages such as secret realm and guild zones.

creating cards

Starring heroes is one of the main ways to play. Not only can you increase your strength by synthesizing cards, but can also earn a higher income committing to higher level cards.

guild system

Any player can use a support to create a guild. The guild master will also receive additional rewards upon exiting guild members' participation. The higher the guild level, the greater the rewards.

homeland system

The home system will be online in the second phase of the game. Hero NFT's stealth combat power can be improved by arranging furniture in the home. Furniture can be obtained by pets through roaming.

economic model

MosaicFantasy uses a dual token system, the governance token is LKK (Little king kong), which can be used for governance, voting, escrow and in-game payment. LKK is consumed by purchasing mystery boxes and upgrading NFT stars in-game, and part of the consumed LKK is directly destroyed and others go to the arena pool every day.

BLP (Blue Lucky Potion) is the in-game reward token, players can get BLP through game zones.

Um Axie Infinity-like system.

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