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Reviews and reflections on games that are or were part of my life as a gamer and nerd.

The Witcher's Best Tattoos

The Witcher Tattoos
Looking for a creative tattoo? How about getting to know the best The Witcher tattoos? The series of punctual episodes, in a short time, won over the audience in a surprising way. Since then, it is possible to identify how much people have sought to know more about the characters, as well as portraying more the mysteries of this very different culture.

Review: Felix Cat Game

Felix cat game
Felix the cat game is considered an auction game and also a bluff game. The game is as follows: each participant will receive a hand of 10 cards, remembering that they will all have the same card, the only difference between them will be the colors available to each player.

10 best romance games

romance games
You like to play? Romance games are on the rise, and we've even talked about a modality that's full of romance games: visual novels! However, in that post, we preferred to focus more on non-romance games and provide an alternative for those who wanted to play a different visual novel. In today's post, we came to please that you were looking forward to romance games!

10 most played games Steam 2020

CS GO: Steam's most played game
I believe the one thing every gamer has asked themselves is, "What is the most played game on Steam?". Here's the answer, with CS GO right at the top of the list along with Dota 2, which is not surprising considering the full story and quality of the game.