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Metric and Pause

Metrics, Colleen Hoover
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Metrics – SYNOPSIS. After his father's death, absence becomes Lake's greatest companion. The responsibility for her mother and brother freezes her in a limbo of grief and pain. Outwardly, she looks brave and tenacious; inside, he's losing hope. And moving out of the only home you've ever known doesn't help. 

Now in a new house, in a new city, she needs to find her way. And a boy in love with poetry can be the perfect guide. When he meets his new neighbor, Layken immediately feels an intense connection.

Something that finally seems to unwind your reality a bit. But the path to true happiness is not made of golden bricks, and soon a stunning revelation brings the new relationship to an abrupt halt. Everyday life becomes more and more painful as they struggle to find a balance between the feelings that bring them together and the forces that separate them.

The Slammed series, composed of the books Metric and Pause, it is a heart thud, every time you think it's going to be okay, something completely unexpected happens and changes everything you've known before. Metric is a book about intersecting stories. Layken and Will are very endearing characters who don't miss a good joke.

Pause Colleen Hoover

Pausa is a direct continuation of Metrica, where the protagonists will now face new challenges as a couple.

A point that caught my attention in this story was the good guy Will, who unlike many stories with similar plots (the famous romantic clichés) is not painted as a "bad boy" without responsibilities who does what he wants, he only cares about the your love and no one else.

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This girl Colleen Hoover

The friendship of the little ones, the brother of Will (Caulder) and Layken (Kel) is a high point of the story. An friendship that surpasses the standards from the beginning., and shows that despite so many adversities in life, friendship is a safe haven.


O Slam, a form of performance poetry that gives the series its name, is present in several defining moments of the story, adding drama and passion to the characters' lives. An example of Slam already well known is the group Poetry Button from United States. A very beautiful poem of them is called “when love arrives", which in literal translation means "When love arrives".
When Love Arrives

A problem with the series is precisely in the poems. The book was written in English by the author and was later translated into Portuguese. Translators work hard to take the works with maximum fidelity of the message to another language, however the poems lost some of their meaning when transposed to another language.

The verses don't make as much sense as in the original language. There are some words written in bold to assume stronger intonations at certain points, but unfortunately it wasn't enough.

The band “The Avett Brothers” is also a constant presence in the protagonists' love. The first volume of the series has excerpts from the songs written by them before each chapter. There is also a playlist suggestion to read the book. I didn't particularly know the group and fell in love with the melodies and lyrics.

This Girl - Slammed #3

The third book in the series is more like a spin-off told by Wiil, where he will tell Lake what his emotions were at defining moments in their history. I usually love books with this theme but “This girl”, at least at first, didn't please me as much as I imagined.

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The first 50 pages aren't that exciting when compared to the wonderful twists of the other two books. Many of the emotions felt by Will were exactly what you imagine they would be when you read from the sight of the girl, nothing special. Despite that, it's worth getting to know a little more about the Michigan magic couple. So, to summarize, if “Metric” and “Pause” got a 7, “This Girl” got a 4.

With love,
Ana Luiza Martins Cesario

Ana Luiza Martins Cesario
Ana Luiza Martins Cesario

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