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Synopsis Dororo

The series is based on the manga and the whole plot takes place in the Sengoku period of Japan, even when a child was born without eyes, skin, limbs, organs and yet he remained alive, but was abandoned by his father in a river and was left with luck so you could find a way to survive.

The Dororo anime premiered in January 2019. The production is a current TV adaptation of the manga, of the same name, by Osamu Tezuka, the work on this series was already done a long time ago, it was well thought out in all points of the series, it was written in 1967, but only now that the writing of this anime gained an animated version, after two years that it began to be known. It was named with an animated category, as the features and most of the scenes are practically identical to the manga, and over time it became more and more popular, so much so that in 2007, a live action was also produced about the work Dororo .

The origin of Dororo

The initial idea of ​​the newer version is not very different from the work made as original. The anime tells the story of a young man named Hyakkimaru who – unfortunately – was born without some organs and members of his body, accounting for about 48, that is, his body lacked 48 organs together with the members.

You may be wondering how this is possible, but this case occurred because of a deal your father made with 48 demons, and in exchange for that act, he would have great prosperity in his lands and dominance on the battlefield. Because of that, when Hyakkimaru was born he was very different from normal children, I mean an unusual appearance, and because of that, his father decides to abandon him in a river.

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After a while he is found and adopted by a healer and all the missing parts of his body are quickly replaced by prostheses adapted to face the dangers that await him.


After all the care when he was a child, when he became young he decided to go in search of demons to get back the limbs and organs of his body, in addition to the yokais that in this case are a class of demons. Walking everywhere in search of these demons, he finds an orphan named Dororo, who claims to be the greatest thief in Japan, before this speech the boy was already surprised, but along the way he got to know his abilities demonstrated by Hyakkimaru, and decided to walk with him.

The Dororo series

The series sometimes takes shape a little still and a little tense by the fights that happen in the middle of the anime. In each episode the two are always facing different monsters in the young man's goal to fully recover his body, so much so that it becomes an obsession for him. At times even a monk doubts the young man's humanity and even thinks he could turn into a demon.

In the beginning of Dororo, from the first episodes, it is possible to recognize that the series will have a much darker atmosphere than in the manga. Some components throughout the series show this. For the way in which Hyakkimaru is presented is used in a much more mysterious way. The strokes and effects it contains in the animation, which in this case are also very well done.

Right in the first scene of Dororo, the weather starts all rainy, half dark, the effects and sounds of rain falling on the ground and even running down the streets and walls, are very well benefited, in addition to the first features shown in the anime. The characters are also very well structured and bring much more of the mysterious, dark and full of surprises, compared to the characters than in the manga. We know that there is no way to compare the structure of a drawing and animation from 50 years ago with the current version, but it's a surprising item to highlight.

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anime production

The production of the anime was produced by studio MAPPA and Tezuka Productions. The series was also directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi from Samurai X, in addition to the script adapted by Yasuko Kobayashi from Shingeki no Kyojin. From this first episode presented, Dororo proves to be a promising anime, even more because we know that we have a slightly more mysterious and dark version (which combines much more and gives a different attraction to the plot) and also because of the fact that it doesn't. manga do not spare the strongest scenes such as fights and blood gushing, which can make the Dororo (anime) series more interesting, even more so with the presence of various demons in various forms.

The relationships that exist in the series are well created and positioned, also showing the social development of the young man cursed by his father, who along the way demonstrates some emotions, of joy, sadness, anger and discomfort with each new sensation, for everything he faced in your life since childhood. And it brings us the feeling of doubt about what will happen "will he be able to get his organs and limbs back, or will he die?" "Is he really going to become a demon throughout the series?", all these points make us stay connected in the series, and all the while trying to figure out what will happen to him, simultaneously, hoping he'll complete his goal.

The Dororo anime is full of conflicted relationships, I confess that sometimes make us doubt which side to be in the series, who to root for. There are some revelations in the series that we didn't even imagine would happen, much to our surprise. It is also a great anime option for those who like action and fights more, especially in this theme. Dororo is a great option and it's worth watching, because it's not a series that gets involved in its development, and it leaves us with a taste of wanting more at the end and always wanting to find out what you'll discover in each episode.

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