How to sell books on the Virtual Bookshelf

Despite advances in technology, books remain beloved items by thousands of people. We must not ignore the data and advantages of having a physical book in hand. It's very different than just reading on your tablet or cell phone, it's a completely new, fun and rewarding experience. However, many people end up getting rid of their books. Whether to get some extra money or simply not reading the book anymore, it's good to know how sell books online when it happens. The best platform to do this would be the Virtual Bookshelf.

How to sell books on the Virtual Bookshelf
How to sell books on the Virtual Bookshelf

Estante Virtual is considered the largest book sales and purchase portal in Brazil. The purpose of this website is connect readers who are getting rid of their books or looking for new books to buy. The site is very beneficial to know the general information of a book, created by the seller himself. The state of conservation, description of the work and more is created by the seller. Altogether, there are more than 4 million users registered on the Virtual Bookshelf.

So it's great to use it as your way to connect with other readers online. Due to its popularity and easy access, as it is free, the Virtual Bookcase is the number one option for anyone looking to sell or buy a book for a more affordable price. After all, the prices in big stores like Amazon, Americanas, Saraiva and others end up being a little abusive.

Why sell new and used books online?

Before understanding how it is possible to sell your books on the Virtual Bookshelf, it is good to understand why you do this. As already said, the site has more than 4 million registered users, that is, a book can reach thousands of people around Brazil. If you post, for example, on the Facebook marketplace, it is possible that the sale is aimed only at the local audience in your city or state. 

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Sometimes that's not what you're looking for and it's not the book's target audience either. That way, no one ends up being interested and the sale is impossible. But when you reach a lot of people, it's much more likely that someone with the same interests is looking for the specific book you're looking for. Therefore, use the Virtual Bookshelf or any other website made specifically to sell new and used books online is the correct way to profit from this sale.

In addition, we can notice other details. Selling books that you don't use or read anymore or just don't like can help you get rid of something that's taking up space on your bookshelf, closet, or anywhere else in your house. In addition, you profit from this sale and can earn 20 reais or more depending on the book you are selling and your state.

How to sell books on the Virtual Bookshelf, learn more

First of all, remember to register at Estante Virtual to be able to sell and buy on the site. On average, site users perform 14 searches per second during business hours. With more than 4 million people registered, it is extremely possible for your book to sell in just a few days. Just go to the official website, create your free account and wait for the team's evaluation. The site team analyzes the information passed during the seller's registration. After that, if everything is ok, your email will receive a message with instructions in a few days.

The second step is to activate the means of payment. After activating them, just wait for the team's response. After that, just register your collection of available books and start selling. Remember to check the Terms of Use and how to set up a good ad on the site before building your collection. To sell, there is a free plan for 2 months called Shelf Plan. It costs R$59,00 per month after 2 months of trial and you can cancel it at any time if you don't like the results.

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How to sell more books and profit from it?

knowing how you can use the Estante Virtual website to profit from your new and used books, we should also mention that you can bet on certain things to sell more. This can become a real venture that offers a lot of profit for you, so it's great to focus on ways to offer more to your prospects and make your ads more attractive.

Find out what's trending right now

First, make a point of always researching what is attractive in the current market. Find out which are the most read books in 2022, which are the most beloved genres of the moment and which are the most coveted titles. Although many people only sell their used books, it's good to think about buying a new book and selling it for a cheaper price that can attract a buyer almost immediately, if it's a popular title at the time. One of the examples would be the LGBT book series Heartstopper.

Offer gifts to those who buy

Many sellers are betting on offering gifts to those who buy from their book collection. Some examples would be offering two books with the purchase of one, offering sweets such as candy when shipping, sending themed key chains along with the book or even sending a themed story bookmark along with the book.

Be on multiple platforms

Never forget to bet on more than one platform. While Estante Virtual is the largest book sale and purchase site in the country, there are many other options you can choose from. You can simultaneously advertise on different sites and get faster results by reaching more people. Some of the platforms that are similar to Estante Virtual would be the following:

  • Book Book
  • Papirus Bookshop
  • difficult books
  • Mercado Livre
  • Booksellers' Portal
  • Bookshops Online
  • Moth Bookstore and Bookstore
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All of these are viable options for anyone looking to profit online by selling new and used books. However, there is still no option for authors on any of these sites.

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