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Szabo, my first detective novel

For some reason I never stopped to read a detective novel, not that I remember, but I believe Szabo fulfilled his mission by showing me how good and engaging works in this genre can be.

Reading flowed easy, and made me travel from Brazil to Spain in a very short time. Perhaps because I wasn't used to this genre, I felt a little lost with the places and time at the beginning of the story, but I soon got used to it, and plunged headlong into the adventure.

Synopsis: Carlos Marcondes works in London as a private driver, keeping his background as a member of a secret organization a secret. However, his ex-boss needs a job to be done in secret and he is the only one she trusts. To top it off, a millionaire commissions Marcondes to provide escort services for Gigia, a friend who will arrive during her commitments out of town. The task seems easy, but becomes dangerous when Marcondes and Gigia travel to Madrid and a mysterious murder takes place. While going through a tangle of coincidences, Marcondes discovers that he is involved in tricks bigger than his intentions to solve the problem for his former boss. He must unravel the mysteries behind the events to prove his innocence, before he is arrested by a Spanish police inspector.

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Szabo, Gino Netto

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About the Author

GINO NETTO is a carioca born in 1973 under the sign of virgin and computer professional. He is a writer of blogs and plays, debuting in 2019 in the literary endeavor with Thriller Szabo.

Gino found writing a way to dispel his shyness, writing plays from the age of 12 for the church group of which he was a member for more than two decades. A reader of old stories of espionage and investigations such as those found in the works of his favorite authors James Hardley Chase and Jonathan Lattimer, as well as recent ones written by Garcia-Roza, for which he admires, Gino decided to write his own book based on an idea. he played during a board game with friends.

Student of a creative writing workshop (with Mariana Kiss – author of 'How to be a single woman') and of a script laboratory for films and TV series (with Audemir Leuzinger – feature film author for Netflix), Gino currently participates in a screenplay project based on a never-before-seen story of his own. When not writing, Gino is with his family or watching series and movies.

Gino Netto, photo by Gilvan Vieira
Gino Netto, photo by Gilvan Vieira

Official website of author Gino Netto

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running away from the cliché

Our protagonist, Carlos Marcondes totally deviates from character standards who get involved in police stories. Your only special abilities are those gained from training to be part of a secret organization.
When one of the members emphasizes to Marcondes that he's not in a movie, and that in real life people aren't so bad at aiming, meaning he could die if he's not careful. Several times I felt a lump in my throat thinking that our protagonist would be reaching his end.

I like technology and you?

Throughout the story, the author's familiarity with technological elements is quite clear, using specific terms but in a way that anyone can understand. As a big tech lover that I am, I felt a lot more interested in reading the book as these things came up.

Bumps, micro-cameras, systems hacking, all of this distracts a little from that unrealistic expectation of swapping shots and killings. I believe that combination is what made me so excited to get on with reading and devouring the book so quickly.

A future best seller

While I think it's impossible to predict whether a book will one day be a best seller or not, I would be very inclined to bet it will if asked about Szabo.

The book has a well-developed plot that leaves nothing to be desired when I think of them all. the good books I've read. The author's love of writing is evident in the high quality of his first book.

The secondary characters, Timothy and Gigia, as well as Marcondes, are well developed, and it's easy to have some sort of feeling for them. They really make a difference in the story with their personality, and that's not something every writer can do.

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What I didn't like so much

Only two things bothered me while reading the book: the dialogues and timing.

At the beginning of the story, we have some flashbacks to different moments in Marcondes' life, and in some of those, it's not very clear when you came back to the present moment. This was something that decreased in intensity over the course of the story and in the end I was able to travel along with the book naturally.

As for the dialogues, it's not something that serious, but at times I felt difficulties in understanding them, perhaps because they broke the pattern. Either way, like flashbacks, it's something you get used to quickly and can easily follow your reading.

Is reading Szabo worth it?

It is natural to have a certain resistance when a new author appears in the market, especially here in Brazil, where we have the terrible habit of not valuing our writers, preferring to read international bestsellers.

In view of this, I have to firmly affirm: reading Szabo is very worthwhile. Not only for the valorization of national literature, but also for the immense quality of the story, which fulfills everything that the genre proposes without getting lost in clichés, as many books do.

You will slowly feel absorbed and compelled to unravel the mysteries surrounding Marcondes, Gigia, Madrid, a murder and the secret organization that Marcondes worked for. I hope you'll give this beautiful piece a try, which can be purchased by clicking the link below, for the physical version, or by Amazon if you want the digital version. The book is part of Kindle Unlimited, so you can enjoy reading it for free too if you already go, or become a subscriber.

Szabo, Gino Netto – Autografia Publisher

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No time to read? Enjoy Szabo on audiobook

If you don't have time to read, or simply prefer the audiobook, we have great news for you, Szabo is also available on Ubook, just access the link below.


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