The Catcher in the Field of Rye - Review

The Catcher in the Field of Rye

Synopsis: A 16-year-old American boy recounts in his own words the experiences he goes through during school and beyond reveals everything that goes on in your head. What does a teenager think about their parents, teachers and friends?

The catcher in the rye field, JD Salinger

Why can this book change your life?

This is one of those books that change your way to see the world, little by little. It's just amazing this magic that the book has to slowly consume your being. It probably took me a fortnight to start to understand why Holden Caulfield is such an outstanding character.

I believe the magic in these stories that we are slowly digesting is that they stay with us for a long time after we finish the book. In the days that passed after reading this book, I felt a strange sensation, as if pieces of me were little by little falling into place. So, in the middle of the my next reading the pieces fell into place.

Understanding Holden Caulfield

Holden gets angry with immense ease and hates most things. Look for something he likes, and fail miserably. He doesn't like his teachers, he wants to avoid his parents… well, he likes his little sister. And I swear it's a weird feeling all the time that he's going to do something crazy. I think exaggerated and unhealthy love affairs always cause this feeling.

Maybe by age, maybe the places you've been, our dear Mr. Caufield is always anxious, wanting something to happen. I identified so much with this feeling, of just not being able to hang up.

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Is the world really that hostile?

In Holden's eyes, the whole world looks hostile. Here we can reflect a little and quickly realize that most of the time the world is hostile, but we also have a big part in it. The way he looks at everything, getting annoyed, being impatient, it sure makes everything look worse.

For example, when he goes to talk to his roommates or teachers, he starts quoting why that person annoys him, or in his words, makes him upset. Sometimes things that would be small for anyone else are huge for Holden.

What I thought while reading The Catcher in the Field of Rye

I must confess that much of my reading was waiting for the moment Holden would collapse and end up in a field of rye reflecting on life. Come to think of it, maybe the calm field I've been waiting for is for him simply the company of his little sister, who he loves so much. I was really blown away by how much he loves that little brat.

The book gave me a feeling of waiting for something, similar to what Holden feels constantly. We can reflect if this is on purpose, and I know it is, the author is a fucking genius with a brain the size of a planet, to our delight he decided to devote himself to writing. I mean, he might have done other things too, I don't know. HE PLANTED CABLES. Whatever… that wouldn't have anything to do with the confused and turbulent feelings of our character.

As the book draws to a close, you begin to realize that maybe, pay attention: maybe that big moment you've been waiting for will never come. And maybe you have to settle for the small things that will happen during the journey. That's my main thought about the book – seeing life as a sequence of little things happening rather than a big event.

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If you want to avoid a little spoiler, here we say goodbye

The time that passes between the moment Holden is kicked out of high school and the moment he walks into the zoo with his little sister is no longer than a week, but it feels like an eternity. Amazing how so many things can happen and so many thoughts can pass through you in such a short time.

After a long wait for a big event, a collapse, did I hear someone say a rye field? None of this happens, the story just keeps flowing, and without any warning, like life, it just ends. Why do we need a strong ending so badly?

The fact that the book just ended is what caught my attention the most, it would be the same as reading this review waiting for a conclusion about all this and out of nowhere the review simply———

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