Season 2 of Tower of God?

Season 2 of Tower of God?

Yoshihiro Takeda comments on production of the 2nd season of the anime adaptation.

So come on, first who is Yoshihiro Takeda?

Takeda is the lead animator and director, a former employee of telecom

According to him, the studio will not produce the second season of Ijiranaid nagatoro-san as it will focus on Tower of god (Kami no Tou).

It is worth mentioning that the director left the company about a year ago

That's why it's important to treat Takeda's comment as a "Rumor" and not "Leak".

Tower of god (신의 탑) it is a manhwa written and illustrated by SIU, published on the website naver webtoon from 2010

O manhwa received an adaptation for anime on April 1, 2020, the studio Telecom was responsible for animation.

In Brazil, the manhwa is published by the publisher Panini.