VShojo: What is it and how to join?

VShojo: What is it and how to join?

Did you know that there are companies focused on Vtubers outside of Japan? That's right, the biggest Vtubers company outside of Japan, currently, would be VShojo.

The company was founded in 2020 by a former Twitch employee.

He wanted evolve the West with the presence of virtual stars

One of the biggest content creators and the person who gets the most subs on Twitch is part of VShojo, being Ironmouse.

It may sound crazy, but the agency has grown extremely fast in just 2 years.

Additionally, the agency expanded to Japan, creating VShojo JP

VShojo is a US vtubers company located in San Francisco.

The company's concept is a way to allow people to make content online without having to show their faces.

Justin intends to provide an experience where VShojo members can manage themselves as they see fit.

In addition, they manage the advertising area, offering partners, managing social networks

As of May 2021, the company already has more than 3 million subscribers on its official Twitch channel.

How to join Vshojo?

The last appearance of a VShojo selection process was in September 2021

The rules were basic. Being 18 years old and being able to be a full-time live-streaming virtual star.

Other than that, you need to speak English or Japanese to join.

The equipment, models and more are offered by the company and all your costs are covered.

While there is no open process at the moment, they are done through Google forms.