What is Google Sandbox SEO

Google Sandbox, the destination of new domains

Definition of Google Sandbox

Although it has never been confirmed by Google itself, it is a consensus among the SEO professionals that newly created sites are prevented from ranking well organically for more competitive terms, regardless of how well written and optimized they are.

The Google Sandbox as the name says, would be a kind of sandbox where new sites would play in isolation, only managing to position themselves for less competitive terms until they gain the trust of search engines and be able to go out and play with the rest of the internet.

How long does Google Sandbox last?

The limitation on placement on Google search usually lasts between six months and a year. Of course you can rank some keywords in a much shorter amount of time, but it usually takes longer, so don't get discouraged if your site is a ghost site for the first few months.

How to exit Google Sandbox

Many people claim that the most efficient way to exit Google Sandbox is producing on average 55-70 quality articles in the first months of your blog's life.

To improve your chances, write texts that answer very specific questions from your audience. The chance of having competition on these terms is slim as well-established sites are more concerned with what brings in a much larger amount of traffic.

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