What software are used by Vtubers?

The virtual youtubers, or Vtubers, are conquering the Internet more and more with their charisma, and the main difference they present from other content creators is being able to have a virtual avatar with a 3D or 2D model. Those who watch the content of these Vtubers are often unaware of the work that is put behind these videos and streams, after all there is a need for several software to be used at the same time, in addition to the fact that the creation of a virtual avatar also requires the use different software, apart from the software that all streamers already use to do their live broadcasts. But anyway, what software would you use by the Vtubers?

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Marcos configuring OBS
Marcos configuring OBS

According to the Virtual Youtubers wiki, there is a series of software that we can find in the hands of a Vtuber. The process of successfully streaming can be more difficult than it looks, especially at first. While Vtubers from big companies like Hololive and Nijisanji don't have to bear the costs, smaller independent Vtubers have to pay out of pocket to get most of these software. Then, if you are thinking of becoming a vtuber or maybe you wonder how the backstage behind each stream works, we'll talk a little more about the main software used by Vtubers to make their magic happen.

Find out which programs Vtubers use

Streaming live is not easy, we should make that clear. Anyone who thinks it's just clicking a button and being happy could be very wrong. Behind a Vtuber stream, there are usually some details. First, before the programs, we should mention that most Vtubers use a layout that suits their character, ie a custom text box for your chat in the corner of the screen, perhaps a fully custom screen with details like contact and more. These small details require an initial investment from Vtuber, as an artist needs to be hired to produce what are called 'stream packages', these being the illustrations that make the streams more beautiful and personalized.

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Knowing this, many wonder how these illustrations are applied to the stream for viewers to see. So, let's cite some of the main programs that help in this matter, in the production of the character, in the tracking of the person behind the character and more.


VSeeFace is one of the most famous software for being completely free and helping in tracking. Through VSeeFace, which is available for Windows, it is possible for the person to customize their character within the program to follow their movements. Windows needs to be 10 to run this software.


Anyone who thinks that VRChat is just a place to have fun with friends is very wrong. Vtubers can transfer their model into the game and use it as a way to use their VR glasses to produce content.

VRoid Studio

Simply the most popular software for creating characters from scratch. It must be said that modeling does not necessarily have to be part of VRoid, as it offers several bases within its program for people with less experience to be able to edit their model from scratch. VRoid is completely free and has several features for creating a character.

VIVE Tracker

To perform tracking, VIVE is one of the most used software, as it helps Vtuber to orient the tracking position in relation to your camera, making the tracking done by other higher quality software.

Leap Motion

To organize the tracking of palms and hands, Leap Motion is the most used free software. Despite being a little complicated, there are several tutorials on how to use it on the Internet.


We cannot say that this is software as it does not need to be downloaded on the computer to work. FaceVTuber is intended to guide a Vtuber, testing its model online using basic tracking with your own computer's camera, for example. It's great for testing whether a model's articulations are correct, and it's a completely free, online testing site.

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Of course, this is not software, but every iPhone from iPhone 9 onwards has the so-called In Depth Camera, that is, a deep camera. This provides the opportunity for a Vtuber to use their iOS device to stream with near-perfect tracking, using just a mobile device. Unfortunately, Android users don't have this advantage, but we shouldn't rule out the possibility of a new Android phone with a technology that enables tracking.

OBS Studio

In general, OBS is a software used by most streamers, even if they are not Vtubers. Through OBS, it is possible to customize a stream on Twitch or Youtube by adding illustrations on the edges, a custom chat box and much more. OBS also helps with stream quality and streaming in general, so it is an essential tool for any Vtuber.

Bonus: And for those who can't use these software?

Who wants start producing content with your own virtual character You don't have to be sad if you can't immediately use these software, as they all require a more powerful machine to support the service they offer. The application for Android and iOS called REALITY is an option for those who do not have enough hardware to produce their content on the PC. The app offers a character creator where the user can customize their Vtuber's hair, eyes, height and more, as well as being able to name him, dress him as he pleases and more.


The platform continues to grow and many of its creators already have more than 100 followers, including a Brazilian user base on the app. So, it's a way to experiment with the field and also learn more about making streams, without needing a powerful machine or several different software to become a Vtuber.

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