Crypto Moonpoly First-NFT-3d-economic and strategic online board game for 2-6 players. The aim of the game is to invest crypto from the perspective of the crypto industry in a rational way. The winner of the seed capital will be a player who will not lose everything in the cryptocurrency market. Players roll crypto dice to decide how many steps they will make with the NFT figure. When a player has a turn to walk, the Player who rolls a die determines how many steps he must take on the playing field during that turn (each step corresponds to one point on the die and one square on the playing field). To start or join a game, players must invest in a custom game pool 5% of CMP tokens - game currency if the game mod is set to six players. If the game mod is set for two players, each player must invest 15% of the total. Crypto Moonpoly also offers users to create their online board deck with newly invented rules and cards.
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