Alice Binetsu 38°C – We are Tsubasagaoka D.C.

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That was the biggest fever I never had. Because of these guys. When I entered school I met the staff of “Tsubasa ga oka DC” That guy was so troublesome but he looked like host! That’s what I thought at first … “… Bet with us Alice, bet with us!” “I’m going to ridicule you!” “Let’s make a deal. If I lose, you’ll get my first kiss” If it’s Takeru-kun, I can bet nothing. I can give you every “first thing” in my life.

Alice Binetsu 38°C - We are Tsubasagaoka D.C.
Alice Binetsu 38°C – We are Tsubasagaoka D.C.

When we finish reading a manga that we like a lot, there is always that doubt about what to read next. Here I will leave our list of mangas to read after finishing this beautiful work of art. I hope this list of similar mangas helps you in your search for what to read.

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