Crypto Legions

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Crypto Legions is a mythological win-win game on Binance Smart Chain. Players must create powerful legions of warriors and beasts and use them to hunt down the deadliest monsters on the planet Nicah in the Kolb galaxy.

The strongest legions will be able to slay the deadliest monsters and collect vast amounts of precious $BLOODSTONE. This precious resource is essential for the creation, survival and strengthening of each legion.

Crypto Legions utilizes blockchain technology to give players the ability to create and develop valuable player-owned NFTs, minted to the ERC-721 standard, which can be easily traded on our in-game marketplace or transferred via blockchain. The aim is for these assets to generate a consistent and reliable source of passive income for players.

Important: In Crypto Legions, the process of ‘minting’ is called ‘summoning’ to fit the storyline. So from here on in this whitepaper, you will find ‘summon’ instead of ‘mint’ in the context of minting warriors/beasts.

Crypto Legions’ goal is to become the number one sustainable and profitable source of income for its users, always providing them with an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.

Crypto Legions
Crypto Legions

How about playing other similar NFT games and earning money?

With the absurd fever of NFT games and the possibility of earning money by playing them, it is important to always keep an eye on new games. That way you can earn money while having fun with games that suit your style.

I hope this list of games will help you find something cool and profitable to spend your time on. Having fun and paying the bills are two super important points in life, and it’s great that we can combine the two, isn’t it?

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