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Ethlas is a Free-To-Play (F2P), Play-To-Earn (P2E) metaverse built on the Polygon chain, where players engage with a set of skill-based games to farm gems – Ethlas’ main currency.

Ethlas makes it possible for practically anyone to collect rewards that include in-game drops, NFTs, crypto tokens and much more.

Best of all, it is designed to be F2P, so that it forms an on-ramp for the next billion fiduciary users to get to know cryptocurrencies better. And, of course, not forgetting our cryptocurrency natives – we have game mechanics designed to reward and encourage cryptocurrency natives to participate in our ecosystem!

How about playing other similar NFT games and earning money?

With the absurd fever of NFT games and the possibility of earning money by playing them, it is important to always keep an eye on new games. That way you can earn money while having fun with games that suit your style.

I hope this list of games will help you find something cool and profitable to spend your time on. Having fun and paying the bills are two super important points in life, and it’s great that we can combine the two, isn’t it?

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Marcos Mariano
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