Zuki Moba

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Zuki Moba is a MOBA Esport Game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that is built with a community-driven Decentralized Economy application.

The in-game NFT is used to build characters, in-game items and Metaverse structures. In addition, the Play to Earn mechanism is applied to generate economic benefits for Gamers, creating a unique point in relation to traditional MOBA games.

The game is built on the traditional Japanese snowball game (Yukigassen), which is famous throughout the gaming world for its attractive nature of sports, fun, competition and compelling online battle and could develop into a global e-sport game.

  • Choose your character and weapon
  • Choose your game modes
  • Zuki Moba’s gameplay is designed to revolve around the combination of your personal skills and teamwork. Challenge yourself with multiple game modes: MOBA and Battle Royale.
  • Practice mode Hand-to-hand combat mode Conflict mode
  • Each Hero has 3 energy points to use abilities
  • Skill1 + Skill2 uses 1 mana
  • Skill3 can use 1-3 mana to use skill
  • The more energy you use, the stronger the skill.
  • The user collects crystals to charge into energy by killing monsters or other users
  • Passive skill: each time the user gains 1 level during the game, he will be able to choose 1 out of 3 passive skills Choosing a skill many times will increase that skill level (exists only in 1 game).
Zuki Moba
Zuki Moba

How about playing other similar NFT games and earning money?

With the absurd fever of NFT games and the possibility of earning money by playing them, it is important to always keep an eye on new games. That way you can earn money while having fun with games that suit your style.

I hope this list of games will help you find something cool and profitable to spend your time on. Having fun and paying the bills are two super important points in life, and it’s great that we can combine the two, isn’t it?

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