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Hell’s Paradise (2023)

The Edo era is coming to an end. Gabimaru, regarded as the strongest ninja in Iwagakure, is doomed to death, and his only chance of survival is to obtain the Elixir of Life on a certain island, rumored to be the Buddhist land of Sukhavati. Hoping to reunite with his beloved wife, Gabimaru heads to the island accompanied by his executioner, Yamada Asaemon Sagiri. When they get there, they find other convicts in search of the same Elixir... Plus unknown creatures, terrifying statues and native hermits. Will Gabimaru be able to find the Elixir of Life and come back alive?

Kuroshitsuji (2008)

Kuroshitsuji (2008)
In mid-Victorian London, butler Sebastian Michaelis serves Ciel Phantomhive, the 12-year-old head of a noble English family. Sebastian is a perfect man. His knowledge, education, cooking and martial arts skills are excellent. What's more, he can fulfill any of his master's requests with ease and perfection due to his secret demonic lineage and the contract he has with his master.
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