Chapter 1090: Luffy talks to the Gorosei Saturn in “One Piece”

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In this exciting chapter of “One Piece,” protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, aka Straw Hat Luffy, comes face-to-face with the influential Gorosei Saturn. The intense, twist-filled dialog gives us a glimpse of the forces at play and the characters’ goals.

Chapter 1090: Luffy talks to the Gorosei Saturn in "One Piece"
Chapter 1090: Luffy talks to the Gorosei Saturn in “One Piece”

LUFFY: Hello! My name is Monkey D. Luffy and I am the man who will become the King of Pirates! We are allies of Dr. Vegapunk. If you want York to survive, order all your ships to retreat from Egghead!

YORK: WAHHHH! Please help me.

KIZARU: MARINE SOLDIERS: What insane cruelty these evil ones have, they personify evil as it is said about them.

MORGANS: What! What am I hearing? What’s going on there?!

VIVI: What? Luffy-san!

GOROSEI: You’re Monkey D. Luffy, aren’t you? Who are the people who are still alive with you at the site?

LUFFY: If you count the wounded, the number should be…

ROBIN: Luffy, stop!!!

JUPITER: A female voice, probably Robin.

ROBIN: Talking to them gives them information about our current state. They simply must not know anything about us.

LUFFY: Sorry, you’re right. But their entire fleet will retreat immediately.

USOPP: In your dreams, you idiot! Do not underestimate the Navy.

SATURN: We have three main things to protect: firstly, we need to protect York; secondly, the safety of the Punk Records that form its mind… and thirdly, the safety of the power station that creates the Mother Flame! We cannot risk any loss except from these three things.

This tense dialog between Luffy and the Gorosei Saturn reveals a battle of wills and goals. While Luffy seeks to protect VegaPunk and negotiate a Navy retreat, the Gorosei demonstrate the importance of their own priorities.

The translation provided by Fleet Leader Fenaker helps to clarify the crucial events of this chapter. The battle between the interests of Luffy’s crew and the plans of the Gorosei continues to captivate readers of “One Piece,” keeping them eager for the next exciting development.


Chapter 1090 of “One Piece” delivers a striking dialog between Luffy and the Gorosei Saturn. With palpable tension and intriguing revelations, this chapter moves the plot forward and leaves fans eager for more. As the characters confront their motivations and challenges, the world of “One Piece” continues to expand in exciting ways. Stay tuned for upcoming issues to find out how these events will influence the fate of the protagonists and the world they inhabit.

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